C&F’s Calls2Text

What Is It? And, Why Your Dealership Needs It

Calls2Text is C&F’s solution for automatically transcribing telephone calls into text. Having this technology enables our dealers to:

Optimize Advertising Dollars: Determine what channels, campaigns and ads are driving the highest value calls – and those that are not.

Identify calls that Generate Sales Leads: Calls2Text transcribes telephone calls and identifies key words and phrases associated with phone calls that convert and those that did not

Determine Caller intent, needs and concerns: Calls2Text gives your dealership insight into what customers are saying.

Improve SEO & PPC Campaigns: Calls2Text helps determine what key words prompted inbound calls thus enabling you to optimize and bid for these phrases on the search engines.

Minimize Managers’ time spent listening to calls: C&F’s Calls2Text software will increase the profitability of your phone leads. To learn more give us a call at 1-800-217-0762 or email us at sales@cfsearchmarketing.com.

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