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Introducing, CF Search Marketing’s New Video Solution Product VIDorini. Using video on the Internet is a great way to promote your dealership, your cars, as well as your customer testimonials. The Internet and more specifically, videos about your dealership and your own website has become your new showroom. Over 80% of all car buyers go online FIRST to research a vehicle and a dealer before they ever step on to a lot. What does that mean to you? You need have as much in front of the customer from the very top of the funnel down. You are advertising your dealership using the richest medium ever VIDEO, which incorporates sight, sound, and motion.

Videos, when properly submitted to the search engines can dominate search engine results. However, many car dealers typically upload the video to channels like YouTube and hope for the best. VIDorini technology, however, optimizes each video and makes sure it shows up for targeted searches in DMA’s that generates leads and sales.

VIDorini along with SEO and PPC can push your competitor’s all the way down in the search engine result pages so that no one sees them! Look how VIDorini is working for a car dealership in West Palm Beach, FL – 6 of the top 10 listings and 4 are VIDorini – COMPLETE DOMINATION! Find out more about VIDorini today!

To learn more about VIDorini call CF Search Marketing at 1-866-907-9698.

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